Sixth Form pupils have the opportunity of taking part in a number of activities that will further their development. As well as taking part in the activities listed below, pupils have the chance to create their own activities, developing their sense of initiative as they forge their own groups. Some of the Sixth Formers also seek to support junior activities and sport.

Some of the activities offered in the Sixth Form include:

  • Ambassadors
  • Art club
  • Astronomy club
  • Board games
  • CCF
  • Chess
  • Climbing
  • ConSERVE
  • Cooking
  • Current events
  • Debating
  • DofE Gold
  • DofE Silver
  • DT club
  • Farm club
  • Forestry club
  • Helping hands
  • Horse riding
  • Junior sport coaching
  • Life skills
  • Magazine club
  • Music Composition
  • Outdoor activities
  • Parliament Club
  • Poetry club
  • Quiz club
  • Recreational football
  • Riding club
  • Sports leaders
  • STEM
  • Swimming
  • Yearbook