Enrichment week

Much of the Sixth Form life seeks to be focused on enriching pupils - whether through a TEFL course, lifeguarding course, first aid course or seeking to challenge them to step outside of their comfort zone and speak in front of an audience or organise an event. From giving tours to prospective pupils, helping to lead activities and assisting with junior sports groups, we are so proud that our Sixth Form pupils can be found in and amongst so much of what takes place at the school.

Enrichment Week is the last week of the Trinity Term and allows pupils in all year groups to be enriched, challenged and inspired beyond the constraints of the curriculum. This is a fantastic week in which pupils are able to get outside of their comfort zones and push themselves to grow.

The Lower Sixth programme is a little different as the whole Sixth Form programme is full of opportunities and sessions for us to grow, whether that be during Sixth Form Seminar, Sixth Form dinners, training days, CV workshops, EPQ lessons and the list goes on. 

The lifeguarding course, TEFL and Emergency First Aid course all take place at the end of the Trinity Term and pupils are able to sign up if they are interested. Enrichment Week for the Lower Sixth allows them to focus on learning and improving a whole number of fundamental skills that will be so helpful to them: from being taught real interview and networking skills, to focusing on how to communicate effectively, to practising public speaking to thinking about body language, the week promises to be invigorating and insightful.

Team building and interview scenarios enable them to experience what a job interview might be like and give pupils a really helpful insight into what employers would be looking for in that situation. Furthermore, there will be the opportunity for an employer visit during the week as well. Pupils are also able to undertake valuable work experience during this week if they wish.