Meet the Sixth Form team

Head of Sixth Form and Destinations

Mrs Helena Berkeley is the member of the Senior Management Team that Sixth Formers will have most contact with.

Her role is to support, encourage and challenge pupils as well as inspire them to believe in themselves in order to be the best they can be and truly flourish throughout these two significant years. The Head of Sixth Form is invested in each pupil in the Sixth Form as well as working with those in the 5th Form (current and prospective pupils) to ensure that pupils make the most of these two years. The Head of Sixth Form’s office is within the heart of the school to ensure that she is approachable and available for pupils to depend on.  Mrs Berkeley can be contacted at

Sixth Form Tutors

Every Sixth Former has an academic tutor who works closely with the relevant house parent and the Head of Sixth Form to ensure that pupils are being challenged, held accountable and supported through these two significant years. The role of the Sixth Form tutor, as opposed to tutors of the First to Fifth Forms, is to support pupils through their university or apprenticeship applications and help ensure that Sixth Formers are meeting their own personal goals and targets.

Pupils on the American Program

Those pupils who are following the American Program with the aim of graduating with their high school diploma will be supported throughout their Junior and Senior years. Whilst being an integral part of the Sixth Form, they will also be able to turn to the Administrative Director Mr. Jonathan Furst for advice and assistance. He can be reached at