Academic Results

A levels 2020

Well over half all grades at A*/A

"Good exam results are not simply the consequence of a few weeks of study and stress; they require strength of character, resilience and fortitude - and years of hard work.

From the moment exams were cancelled earlier in the year, our great fear was that the KHS class of 2020 would, through no fault of their own, be denied their rightful chance to shine. Fortunately, the uncertainties of the Calculated Grades process have not tarnished the achievements of the exceptional group of pupils who leave Kingham Hill this year; we always knew they would do well, and I’m delighted to say that well over half of the grades they received were A*s and As - a record set of results, achieved in extraordinarily challenging circumstances by a phenomenal cohort, with unfailing support from a dedicated pastoral and academic team.

Foremost amongst them are an exceptional Academic Deputy and Head of Sixth whose commitment to both the integrity of the process and the development of our pupils is in very large measure responsible for their success.

We always believed in the potential of this wonderful group of young people, and we are delighted that it has - in the main - also been recognised by the exam boards. Of course, where we feel the discrepancies between the grades provided by teachers here at Kingham and the Calculated Grades awarded by the exam boards can be legitimately queried, we will seek to do so to the fullest extent possible. However, today my primary feelings as a Headmaster are pride, gratitude and relief that so much hard work, undertaken by so many, has not gone unrewarded."

Mr Seward