Art and Design A level

What will I study in Art A level?

If you are creative and imaginative, enjoy exploring ideas and looking at things in different ways it is definitely worth considering a course in Fine Art. Fine Art is about looking, learning, thinking and communicating. You will enjoy developing your understanding of the visual world, learning practical skills and responding to ideas and issues in ways that are personal to you.

You will be encouraged to work independently and to make your own discoveries by exploring ideas, other artists’ work and different materials and techniques, through drawing, painting, printmaking, photography and sculpture.

Entry requirements

A grade 6 in Art or DT GCSE or a portfolio demonstrating your abilities.

Units of study

  • Year 12: Unit 1: will comprise of a series of short experimental workshops in a variety of materials and techniques to allow you to explore new processes and develop your technical skills. Unit 2: will include the development of a personal project to help you become familiar with the requirements of the A level examination. You will begin research in preparation for Year 13 during the third term.
  • Year 13: Unit 1: will be the development of the Personal Investigation ( Practical Coursework) on a theme of your choice. Unit 2: is the examination project.


For Component 1, the 'Personal Investigation' is a practical element where you will develop an idea, issue, concept or theme supported by written material of 1,000-3,000 words (60%). For Component 2 , the 'Externally Set Assignment' you will produce personal work in response to one of eight exciting starting points over a three month period before completing your final response in a 15 hour supervised examination (40%).

Where could it lead?

Study of art and design equips you with transferable skills that will support you in both further study and a range of careers.

A level Art and Design can prepare you for a range of degree courses and careers including; 2D and 3D animation, fashion and textile design, game design, architecture and Art history.