History Pre-U

What will I study in History Pre-U?

Look around the city boardrooms or the green benches of the Houses of Parliament and you will find an abundance of people in leadership positions with History on their CV. But you should not choose History because it trains you to deeply analyse complex issues by using evidence with discretion. Nor should you study History simply because the Russell Group have labelled it a ‘facilitating subject’ that opens doors to many new areas of study and work. Choose History because it is an enduringly fascinating subject that beguiles everybody in the end.

Rather than offering the reformed A level, our department offers the Cambridge Pre-U, a highly respected and universally recognised alternative that allows for maximum flexibility in teaching. This allows us to play to the strengths of the department, while avoiding the convoluted topic pairings of other exam boards. It is history without the boring bits.

Entry requirements

Pupils are required to have a grade 6 or above in an essay based subject such as History, Economics or Geography.

Units of study

  • Paper 1c: British History Outlines 1760-1914, focusing on foreign policy and empire
  • Paper 2c: European History Outlines 1815-1914, focusing on developments in France, Germany and Italy.
  • Paper 5f: Paper 5f The French Revolution, 1774–1794
  • Paper 6: Personal Investigation


The course is assessed through three exams and one extended essay (coursework)

Where could it lead?

You could become CEO of a FTSE 100 company, the prime minister or even be a history teacher.