Latin A level

What will I study in Latin A level?

Latin helps pupils to think logically and gives them the skills that they need to analyse literature and delve deeper into the complexities of the English language. Latin complements subjects such as English Literature, History, Theology and even Maths. The course builds upon the skills acquired at GCSE, while taking pupils to the next level of translation and appreciation of the wonders of Latin literature.

Entry requirements

To study Latin at A level pupils are required to have a grade 7 in Latin GCSE.

Units of study

  • Unseen Translation: Translation of one verse text and one prose text from Latin into English 1 hour 45 minutes
  • Prose Composition or Comprehension - 1 hour 15 minute
  • Prose Literature: Cicero (Pro Milone) and Tacitus (Annals 1) - 2 hours
  • Verse Literature: Virgil’s Aeneid (Books VIII and X) - 2 hours


Four exams: all assessment is by examination - there are no coursework modules.

Where could it lead?

Law, journalism, the Foreign Office, publishing, management, public relations, computing, librarianship, museum and art gallery posts, teaching, archaeology.