Spanish A level

What will I study in Spanish A level?

Learning a language has always been useful: the benefits literally speak for themselves! A Spanish A level opens up a world of possibilities and will immediately make you stand out when you are competing for a university place.

Rather than dealing with functional, dare one say “dull” topics such as one’s pets, holidays and household chores, you will get to grips with the essence of Spanish culture. You will study Spanish cinema and enjoy some modern Spanish literature. You will get to grips with Spain's chequered political past and understand the issues surrounding immigration and the future of European civilisation as we know it.

This is a course for broad-minded people who have a fair for the language and who want to challenge themselves and their way of thinking.

Entry requirements

To study Spanish at A level pupils are required to have gained a Grade 7 at GCSE.

Units of study

  • Unit 1: Changes in Spanish society
  • Unit 2: Culture in the Spanish speaking world
  • Unit 3: Immigration and multicultural French society
  • Unit 4: The Franco dictatorship and the transition to democracy
  • Literature and film: El Laberinto del fauno (Guillermo del Toro 2006) and Como agua para chocolate (Laura Esquivel, 1989)


Three papers:
  • Listening and Reading Comprehension; Translation into English
  • Written response to literature and film; Translation into Spanish
  • Speaking

Where could it lead?

Anything, whatever you want to do, being able to do it in a second language makes you so much more employable.