Performing Arts BTEC

What will I study in Performing Arts BTEC?

So you think you can act? Literally step into someone else shoes and see the world through their eyes? Perhaps you can think outside the box - come up with creative ideas that are both fantastic or even verging on the absurd? Think performing arts.

Entry requirements

It is beneficial to have studied Drama at GCSE, however a grade 5 in English at GCSE is the minimum requirement.

Units of study

  • Unit 1: Performance Workshop*: You must rehearse and perform a scripted play to an audience as part of a group.
  • Unit 2: Principles of Acting*: An introduction to critical theatre practitioners and how they have shaped ideas regarding performing.
  • Unit 3: Devising Plays: Working is part of a group to interpret stimulus, rehearse and perform a group performance to an audience.
  • Unit 4: Interpreting Classic Texts: Study two plays from a choice of three different time periods (Greek Theatre, Elizabethan plays and 19th Century Naturalism).
  • Unit 5: Applying Physical Theatre
  • Unit 6: Optional unit These include ‘Auditions for Actors’, ‘Drama Improvisation’ and
  • ‘Approaches to Directing’


There are two mandatory units (*) which must be completed successfully to achieve the full award. All units are internally assessed.

  • There is a performance element for al units covered. These performances are in front of a live audience, and must be recorded as video evidence to be submitted to Pearson on request.
  • There is a written log which must accompany all these units in the form of a journal which describes, analyses and evaluates how decisions are being made at various stages of the rehearsal process.

Where could it lead?

As well as a career in the Performing Arts industry, Drama encourages lifelong skills that are transferable to many other disciplines, including; teamwork, creative thinking, problem solving, and event management.

The Drama department is currently considering the possibility of offering A level in Drama and Theatre Studies. Please contact Ms Maposa should you wish to discuss this option further.